Simple Odontogram

Stunning Odontograms

Generate Stunning Odontograms for Reports and Presentations

Beautiful and Intuitive

With a few clicks, a professional and easily readable odontogram is ready to be pasted into a report, patient’s file or presentation.

Simple Odontogram was designed to be intuitive and simple to use.

Permanent and Deciduous

Both permanent and deciduous teeth are available.

When inserting a treatment/condition for deciduous teeth, only the treatments that can be applied to these will be visible.

Treatments List

The treatments list displays the treatments of each tooth, as well as the associated regions and links.

Treatments can be ordered with the buttons on the bottom left corner. This allows you to control the appearance of the odontogram layers.

This list can also be copied into the clipboard to illustrate your cases. Simply click the copy button on the bottom right corner of the list.

Regions and Links

Regions are easily selected for restorations and other treatments that require them. Simply click the name of the region in the treatments box.

The same goes for links, which are connections between teeth. It allows the illustration of cases such as a bridge that is linked to the crown of an implant.

Dynamic Legend

The legend is completely dynamic and perfectly integrated with the languages.

Need a vertical legend? 2 lines x 3 columns? Just drag the bottom right corner of the legend window to rearrange the legend items to fit your presentation needs.

Giving your presentation again in another language? Simply open your saved odontogram after changing the language of the application and the treatment list/legend will be automatically updated!


Selecting a different language will translate the interface, the treatments list and the legend. Simple Odontogram currently offers the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Designed for Mac OS X

Simple Odontogram was designed exclusively for the Mac, and it shows!

You’ll feel right at home as the application was designed according to the Mac OS X standards, fitting like a glove!


If you wish to send comments, suggestions for new treatments or request a new language, please feel free to do so using our contacts page, we are happy to hear from you!